26 July 2015



Dah raya ke sembilan dah. Baru sempat nak update menu hari 29. Start balik kampung line internet slow mcm seput dalam pantang. Sampai ke sudah x dpt nak post or update new entry. 

As usual, my family tradition, every last day of ramadhan we will organized makan makan with all family members. Everyone will gather at our house for iftar. 
Normally my dad will prepare ikan bakar. The sauces prepared by my mom. We have ikan patin, ikan talapia dan ikan keli.  Besides that, my dad also fried nasi goreng cina and kuew tiaw. Oh sedap gila. 

The family also bring the sides dishes like puding, lemang, murtabak and so on. 

So, this is my menu for that day. So sorry for my bad language. Im still learning  and i dont know when i can master this language. *crying


Mama Una

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