31 May 2015



Una dah besar dah. Last time share pasal dia mase dia sambut bday umo 2 tahun. Am i right?

Sekarang dah macam macam pe'el dia. Kalau nampak gajah, she ask for gajah, nampak rimau, she ask for rimau. Hadoi. 

But, membesarkan seorang anak ini sangat menyeronokkan. Even im not lucky as executive housewife, but  Im still trying to experience every single things that she able to do for the first time. And it is so great!! 

Today she ask for a spiderman. Haha. Naseb baik murah. Only RM10. Then her father bought for her. She keep complaining along the way to go home as she need to carry that spiderman by herself. Rasakan!

May Allah bless her. Mama sayang Una. 

Love ,
Mama Una😍
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Paling Last

Wow! Last post on September 2014. Lame betol tak share new experience and write something about my life kan. 

So, now, i think i should continue, sharing something which is good. A wise wife, mother and sister now. So, my post should be more interesting and matured enough. The language might be changed a little bit. (Oh my english) πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

So, lets start something good okey. 😊

Tomorrow we will start with una's menu. Stay tune and lets read my writing. 

😍 Mama Una 😍
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